Momentum Vol.2 – A BTSnippet

We had a great time shooting the second Momentum film 2 weeks ago. Featuring Rob Paulson (it’s true, he does skateboard), Madison Missina, Bobbie (Sexy newbie) & of course it wouldn’t be Momentum without Chloe B tearing it up on some wheels – in this case a red bicycle named Ruby.

I’d like to address the questions regarding the Momentum Series being available online/ to Aussies. will be the only online platform to buy the series. We have started a new web project that will ensure everyone gets to see the films, plus many more feature projects in the future. The new and improved will (hopefully) go live October 2015.

Obviously we are excited to get this ball rolling, as it’s IT’S BIG NEWS.

Remember we are always looking for sponsorship and advertising, so please get in touch for any business related inquiries or questions regarding our online film platform.


Michelle Flynn



Pure Play Media & Lightsouthern get together for U.S. distribution deal – The Momentum Series


Oh yes, Momentum, Vol.1 was just the beginning and has not only screened at renowned film festivals, but the icing on the cake, the pinnacle is our new partnership with Pure Play Media. PPM have taken on the complete Momentum Series (volume 1 to 4) for DVD distribution in the U.S. The crew over here at Lightsouthern are more than excited about the affiliation and can’t wait until the first instalment hits the shelves.

We’ve just come back from shooting Vol. 3 (which includes naked yoga, threesomes and some heavy picnic at hanging rock vibes). We are set to go into production for Vol.2 in 10 days. The finale is set for July 2015 in the Aussie outback.


Momentum, Vol.3 – It’s a fucking wrap!

5L5A0153Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 5.16.55 PMScreen shot 2015-03-02 at 5.03.14 PM

Just teasing you currently….I was looking at the rushes last night and due to the crazy busy shoot days we had, I’d completely forgotten about a bunch  of sexy stuff we captured. Namely Laney’s peeing in the river and milk drinking scenes. We also did a beautiful naked yoga scene and a three-way Girl-Girl-Girl scene that blew my mind. Some of the best footage Ive ever shot, Ever! and I’ve been shooting sex for 10 years.

Momentum, Vol.3 stars Chloe B, Laney, Kim & Marina, it will be available on DVD through Pure Play Media and online via lightsouthern in 2015.


Film Festival Selections 2015

Kick Ass to 2015! Lightsouthern is pleased to announce Momentum, Vol1 and Liandra Love have BOTH been selected in the CineKink program for 2015. This is a touring festival which begins in NYC and comes to Melbourne! So local folk can come and check out the films which is exciting as we haven’t had a screening on our home turf yet. We are looking forward to being a part of the program!! Here’s the trailer of Momentum, Vol1!

We are also pumped that Liandra Love will be included in Switzerland’s La Fete du Slip Festival! In 2013 ‘Kara & Devon’ was screened also. I’m super proud to be affiliated with this festival, and wish I could be there! It looks like a great time. liandralove66 Thank you to the Festival organizers for selecting work that tries not to take itself too seriously (ok, well except for Liandra Love, that is kinda serious). I hope it goes swimmingly!


Check out Keilyn’s latest solos here yanks and soon to be here ersties (along with Chloe B, Zahra, Liandra, Betty and more)

MF –

Hangin with Molly & Real…

To check out this sexy shoot, plus MANY more from the ladies in Germany…

On another note from the wonderful world of Lightsouthern:

As you would have heard I have 2 Official Selections at the Berlin Porn Film Festival this year with “Momentum, vol1″ & “Liandra Love”. This is exciting stuff, I’m really looking forward to being apart of the festival. Congratulations of course to all the other films selected, in particular the Aussie filmmakers and usual suspects.

Complete: Artwork for the DVD’s for Momentum, vol1. The last of the media uploaded to the TV channel (who incidentally have been an absolute pleasure to deal with) I’ve sold Momentum to. Which of course means, payday.

Pre-Production: Focussing on Momentum vol 2, 3 & 4 

Plans: Preparing my trip to Europe for Venus and of course the Berlin Porn FIlm Festival! November SO many shoots for will be hitting your screens, like SO many.



Check out:

Award Winning and all round legend Anna Brownfield has just released an indiegogo campaign for her upcoming Film “The Bedroom” . She needs our help to raise some cashmoneys to get it made, check it out here: The Bedroom


Momentum! Moving forward, we need YOU!!


Remember that little Film called ‘Momentum’vol1 we shot earlier this year? It had Kenji, Chloe B, Kara D, Devon and Lily Rei in it? Remember? It’s having it debut screening at the Berlin Porn Film Festival this year? It’s fun and earthy and sexy and real aussie? Well, we are gonna make 3 MORE!

This is a call out for adult film talent of all genders for the next 3 instalments of the Momentum Series. We are looking for:

4 – 8 x Cis gender Males interested in either, or all:
– Solo scenes
– Sex scenes with females
– Sex scenes with males

6 – 9 x Cis gender Female interested in either, or all::
– Solo scenes
– scenes with females
– scenes with males

Requirements for all talent:
Experience getting nude on film is necessary!
Punctual and reliable
Over 19 years old
Current Photo ID
Minimal Tattoos/ Piercings

Must be in Melbourne, Australia at dates of Production

Production for volume 2 and 3 will commence in March/ April 2015.
Production for Volume 4 will commence July/ August 2015

If you’re keen for more info, send us a little about yourself with a clothed pic to

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Lightsouthern is…
Award winning. Authentically Australian. As the creators of the company we have 10 years of industry experience behind us. We wanted to create something fresh and beautiful that allowed us to be hands-on in all aspects of the production process. Lightsouthern Studios with Michelle Flynn as Creative Director, and leading Production make an industry-leading product that will change your mind as to what is possible in the adult industry.

We train the models giving them clear information about the shoots. We have clear policies about our expectations and their roles. We have set a standard for ourselves of what a model should expect from the industry. We want them to feel safe, creative, valued, happy, comfortable and exhilarated. We want them to have an enjoyable experience and be part of something special which they can be proud of.

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