Delightful Luc Dean!

I will be uploading a little Behind the scenes from out shoot with the loveable Luc and the darling Patrick for their shoot together and alone with (brother site of In the meantime here is Luc being super cool…and good looking. I would like to also announce he is the 2nd confirmed cast member for Momentum, Vol.4. I can see him getting dusty in the desert, can’t you?

luc (17 of 62)luc (39 of 62)

Momentum, Vol. 2 COMPLETE

vol. 2 Madison_Rob promo

After a good 3 months in Post Production Momentum Vol.2 is finally on it’s way to the USA and Germany! I’m really proud of it, it’s a solid piece of work in the Momentum puzzle and I can’t wait for all your feedback.

Now I’m off to edit Volume 3 which I am pretty sure can easily run for around 3 hours, so wish me luck.

The complete Series will be available on DVD via Pure PLay Media and online via Lightsouthern summer 2015


“if it’s not impossible, it stays on the list”

Hi folks! Momentum, Volume.1 is set to be released May 21 in the states through the legends @ Pure Play Media (I really hope I’m allowed to give out that info).  I’m super curious to find out the reaction from the PEOPLE! The Momentum series have so far exceeded all expectations, bringing Lightsouthern to a new level of kick ass.

We are in Pre-Production for Volume.4 – I always wanted the last as the biggest & best, it’s definitely shaping up that way. We have so many logistical obstacles, and I keep coming back to “if it’s not impossible, it stays on the list”. We have established needing a deeper dimension and plot. My mentor and Art Director for the Films has been coaching me through the process and helping with potential story-lines, scenes and, guess what, character development. I can confirm there will be TWO UP played in the final instalment and we are thinking of going back to old cars again too.

We’ve just finished the first HARD DVD/ TV cut of Volume.2, thanks to Anna Brownfield’s reviewing (she is my go-to for techy/ editing advice, she’s a goddamn genius). No we are proceeding with the not-so-glamourous administration hoo-haa to get the film out!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.18.04 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.49.11 amScreen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.21.25 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.23.08 pm

NEXT in the editing room Volume.3. I hope this guy to be a film festival contender. It takes the series down a new road and changes tone completely. Might I also add it includes one of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever shot! Seriously. its hotstuff – the film is also kind of creepy, which I love.

We are in Pre-Production for a brand new non-momentum film project which may or may not star Marina and may or may not be in close affiliation with the legends at That’s all I can say right now. Mysterious, I know.

So theres the FILM update – I should remind you, you WILL be able to see the Momentum Series online only from Lightsouthern SOON. In the meantime check out all your Aussie fave babes on YANKS, ERSTIES & for the Australian Bush Adventures PinkLabelTV.


Lastly we are always looking for new models; any gender, sexuality,or physicality, email and let us know what you are interested in – We have so many projects currently and some new glam stuff coming up too.

We are also looking for valuable crew! email if you are interested and tell us what skills you currently have & why you would be ace on a Lightsouthern set. (HINT: It is only important to us that you know enough about how films are made so you can anticipate outcomes, provide meaningful advice and valuable support, you should NOT be afraid to pick up a camera and shoot behind the scenes footage too).

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.12.09 pm 5L5A8734

Momentum Vol.2 – A BTSnippet

We had a great time shooting the second Momentum film 2 weeks ago. Featuring Rob Paulson (it’s true, he does skateboard), Madison Missina, Bobbie (Sexy newbie) & of course it wouldn’t be Momentum without Chloe B tearing it up on some wheels – in this case a red bicycle named Ruby.

I’d like to address the questions regarding the Momentum Series being available online/ to Aussies. will be the only online platform to buy the series. We have started a new web project that will ensure everyone gets to see the films, plus many more feature projects in the future. The new and improved will (hopefully) go live October 2015.

Obviously we are excited to get this ball rolling, as it’s IT’S BIG NEWS.

Remember we are always looking for sponsorship and advertising, so please get in touch for any business related inquiries or questions regarding our online film platform.


Michelle Flynn


Pure Play Media & Lightsouthern get together for U.S. distribution deal – The Momentum Series


Oh yes, Momentum, Vol.1 was just the beginning and has not only screened at renowned film festivals, but the icing on the cake, the pinnacle is our new partnership with Pure Play Media. PPM have taken on the complete Momentum Series (volume 1 to 4) for DVD distribution in the U.S. The crew over here at Lightsouthern are more than excited about the affiliation and can’t wait until the first instalment hits the shelves.

We’ve just come back from shooting Vol. 3 (which includes naked yoga, threesomes and some heavy picnic at hanging rock vibes). We are set to go into production for Vol.2 in 10 days. The finale is set for July 2015 in the Aussie outback.

Momentum, Vol.3 – It’s a fucking wrap!

5L5A0153Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 5.16.55 PMScreen shot 2015-03-02 at 5.03.14 PM

Just teasing you currently….I was looking at the rushes last night and due to the crazy busy shoot days we had, I’d completely forgotten about a bunch  of sexy stuff we captured. Namely Laney’s peeing in the river and milk drinking scenes. We also did a beautiful naked yoga scene and a three-way Girl-Girl-Girl scene that blew my mind. Some of the best footage Ive ever shot, Ever! and I’ve been shooting sex for 10 years.

Momentum, Vol.3 stars Chloe B, Laney, Kim & Marina, it will be available on DVD through Pure Play Media and online via lightsouthern in 2015.

Film Festival Selections 2015

Kick Ass to 2015! Lightsouthern is pleased to announce Momentum, Vol1 and Liandra Love have BOTH been selected in the CineKink program for 2015. This is a touring festival which begins in NYC and comes to Melbourne! So local folk can come and check out the films which is exciting as we haven’t had a screening on our home turf yet. We are looking forward to being a part of the program!! Here’s the trailer of Momentum, Vol1! We are also pumped that Liandra Love will be included in Switzerland’s La Fete du Slip Festival! In 2013 ‘Kara & Devon’ was screened also. I’m super proud to be affiliated with this festival, and wish I could be there! It looks like a great time. liandralove66 Thank you to the Festival organizers for selecting work that tries not to take itself too seriously (ok, well except for Liandra Love, that is kinda serious). I hope it goes swimmingly!