Shameless Self Promotion…

We all do it, we need to, some do it in different ways than others. Those that I have hit in on the past, know that I approach the world with a more ‘boldly’ and upfront. It’s this same bold approach that I am going to employ to spread to the world how amazing Light Southern is. If you are a studio looking for fresh content, we’re the team for you, or if you are a consumer keep a watch out cos I can point you in all the right directions…

Here it is people;

“I’m not going to lie, when I first heard that Michelle was open for shooting I was excited and approached the president of Pinkvisual directly to recommend we hire her. Michelle has a modern eye and a skill set for finding a natural and incredibly sexy way to shoot. 

Her content is well it and intimate while staying hot. She is incredibly easy to work with and a professional through and through. I highly recommend her for your shooting needs. If you’re looking for something fresh and sex positive then Michelle is certainly the producer/director for you.”
January is the start of not only a new year, but more shooting for, some special  surprise shoots for and another few projects in the works which I am totally excited about.
Hope you all have a wonderful festive season…Look after each other; Don’t be dickheads.

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