Reuniting with Nichole!

Nichole and I used to work along side each other at in the Netherlands, she was training to be a shooter at the time and I was at the end of my time there. We had some great times together and I have missed her so spending a day with her in 37 degree heat was frankly welcomed!

She is staying just up the road from where I live. I picked her up at 8am, then we headed to location, which incidentally was Chloe B’s apartment.

We arrived only to discover that there was no aircon, I assured Nichole not to worry as sweat looks great on camera – she was not convinced. We did the first set outside, while it was cool enough to do so. This was my favourite of the day and I’ve posted my 2 fave pics from it to share with ya’ll!

After 7 hours of shooting, and me scrubbing up on my Dutch (ok ok I was never great at it), we were exhausted and hot, we capped the day with a quick swim in the apartment pool.

It was great to catch up with an old friend, today I miss Amsterdam.

She will be appearing on ATKhairy and so check it out. 






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