Hangin with Molly & Real…

To check out this sexy shoot, plus MANY more from the ladies in Germany… Ersties.com

On another note from the wonderful world of Lightsouthern:

As you would have heard I have 2 Official Selections at the Berlin Porn Film Festival this year with “Momentum, vol1” & “Liandra Love”. This is exciting stuff, I’m really looking forward to being apart of the festival. Congratulations of course to all the other films selected, in particular the Aussie filmmakers and usual suspects.

Complete: Artwork for the DVD’s for Momentum, vol1. The last of the media uploaded to the TV channel (who incidentally have been an absolute pleasure to deal with) I’ve sold Momentum to. Which of course means, payday.

Pre-Production: Focussing on Momentum vol 2, 3 & 4 

Plans: Preparing my trip to Europe for Venus and of course the Berlin Porn FIlm Festival! November SO many shoots for ersties.com will be hitting your screens, like SO many.



Check out:

Award Winning and all round legend Anna Brownfield has just released an indiegogo campaign for her upcoming Film “The Bedroom” . She needs our help to raise some cashmoneys to get it made, check it out here: The Bedroom



  1. Hi Michelle,
    Never got it. Checked the address on file at indiegogo and it was correct. Not sure what happened.
    Will Momentum ever be released digitally?

    Also, what is this new Ersties website? Never heard of it but it seems to be in the spirit of AW.

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