Film Festival Selections 2015

Kick Ass to 2015! Lightsouthern is pleased to announce Momentum, Vol1 and Liandra Love have BOTH been selected in the CineKink program for 2015. This is a touring festival which begins in NYC and comes to Melbourne! So local folk can come and check out the films which is exciting as we haven’t had a screening on our home turf yet. We are looking forward to being a part of the program!! Here’s the trailer of Momentum, Vol1! We are also pumped that Liandra Love will be included in Switzerland’s La Fete du Slip Festival! In 2013 ‘Kara & Devon’ was screened also. I’m super proud to be affiliated with this festival, and wish I could be there! It looks like a great time. liandralove66 Thank you to the Festival organizers for selecting work that tries not to take itself too seriously (ok, well except for Liandra Love, that is kinda serious). I hope it goes swimmingly!

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