Launching our Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality is a thing. When I first put a headset on 6 months ago, the next day I brought Lightsouthern VR cameras, a shooting rig and have not looked back. I get it, and you will too. Trust me.

For the last 6 months, the team at Lightsouthern have been acquiring gear, learning VR shooting principles, and shooting –  seemingly impossible at the time, we even managed to shoot Momentum, vol.4 in VR.

As apart of our VR venture, we created a new VR studio “GLOSS” with all your fave aussie pornstars and have made some damn sexy Lightsouthern VR content with your all-natural, good time babes.

The time has FINALLY come, that we can direct you to the place you can get this kick ass and cutting edge content (like, literally cutting edge).

Here’s a Behind the Scenes look at the creation of ‘GLOSS’


You can get you Lighsouthern VR and Gloss fixes at a cool site called Velvet Reality – fellow Aussies and like minded folk – we are proud to be affiliated with this amazing platform

IF you have an ANDROID Phone go here and you can download the app.


We are super proud to be the first Adult Producers in Australia to have achieved VR content. In the coming months we have Foot Fetish, Orgies & some good old fashioned fisting in the works. So go ahead and subscribe to both Gloss and Lightsouthern and support the best in Virtual Reality Porno…Also, tell your mates!


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