At Lightsouthern ‘We Make Pretty’ amazing content of people celebrating themselves. We offer a range of content services from prepackaged videos and stills to customised media for all your content needs.

We use cutting edge, relevant gear & tech. Have a large database of unique performers and maintain a high technical standard because that is what our audience and clients demand. Our product aims to make bold, beautiful and sexy pornography.

Recently acquiring gear and shooting for Virtual Reality content production – which we are super proud of.

Want to know more?  let’s talk –

add to LS samples_MF(small)-4momentum, vol.3-24

20 thoughts on “Studios

  1. Hi mflynnlightsouthern I’m a photographer i was wondering if you had any advice on how to be able to become a photographer on set or for promo images

    thank you in advance if you can’t help i understand.


  2. I would like to shoot an erotic film.
    I am a creative / producer.
    I think / feel I could make something pretty good. Something that would stand out.
    I am a filmmaker, but I know nothing of the erotic film industry..
    Can we discuss what options are out there for me to try shooting a film?

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