At Lightsouthern we create unique content of people celebrating themselves. We offer a range of production services from prepackaged videos & stills, to customised media for all your content needs.

We are proud of our gear artillery. We are leaders in Australian Virtual Reality Production, and maintain a high technical standard because that is what our audience and clients demand. Renowned for pushing the envelope as far as we can to generate imagery that you wont see anywhere else in the world, and in our industry. We boast having a large database of unique performers.  Our product aims to make bold, beautiful and sexy pornography – and we believe it.

Did I forget we also do Drone Videography? Well, we do.

Want to know more?  let’s talk –

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  1. Hi mflynnlightsouthern I’m a photographer i was wondering if you had any advice on how to be able to become a photographer on set or for promo images

    thank you in advance if you can’t help i understand.


  2. I would like to shoot an erotic film.
    I am a creative / producer.
    I think / feel I could make something pretty good. Something that would stand out.
    I am a filmmaker, but I know nothing of the erotic film industry..
    Can we discuss what options are out there for me to try shooting a film?

  3. I am an Audio engineer specialising in post production audio. Do you out source for this or do you hire your own crews?

  4. How do I look at getting into the porn industry?
    I currently have no experience in the industry but would like to give it a shot.

  5. Are you ok with a guy in his early 40’s wanting to apply as a nude model or a adult actor? Does it matter if he doesn’t have any experience although I am a nudist and visit nude beaches on a regular basis so I am comfortable with no clothes on.

  6. Hi my name is Lance, looking into the adult film industry as a performer. I can provide a more accurate description via my personal email

  7. Hi there I am a first timer who would like to try modelling for you guys if you are accepting new recruits

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