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As a performer on a Lightsouthern set, I am entitled to the following



1a) I have the right to know who my co-performer/s will be.

1b) I have the right to know how much I am being paid and how.

1c) I have the right to understand the idea/ concept of the scene, provide feedback and raise concerns.

1d) I have the right to be aware of the duration I’ll be be on-set, and how long the actual filming will take.

1e) I have the right to know what acts I will be required to perform in the scene.

1f) I have the right to know the location the shoot will take place and who will be on-set.

1g) I have the right to inform the Director/ Producer if unsure about any request.

1h) I have the right to use safe sex barriers and to not lose the work if I choose to use condoms, dams,  gloves etc.

1i) I have the right to be informed of and review any last minute changes – I have the right to refuse changes if I don’t feel comfortable.

1j) I have the right to be informed of which online platforms the final content will be located.

1k) I have the right to refuse any sexual act I’m not comfortable with.

1l) I have the right to all the correct information regarding STI testing, so I’m fully aware of the risks involved with unprotected scenes.

1m) I have a right to be sent a copy of the release forms, so I understand what I am signing prior to the shoot.

2. ON – SET

2a) I have the right to be paid the agreed amount and in correct manner when I arrive to set.

2b) I have the right to cancel the scene at any point.

2c) I have the right to sight my co-performer/s STI results and ask any questions related to them.

2d) I have the right to conduct a pre – shoot visual health check on my co-performer/s.

2e) I have the right to shower alone before and after my scene, be provided with fresh towels, and have a space on-set to relax alone if I need it.

2f) I have the right to access a first aid kit, safe sex barriers and accessories (lube etc).

2g) I have the right to a meal (with allergy/ preference considerations) and beverages provided by Director/ Producer (shoots over 3 hours).

2h) I have the right to a safe, clean, respectful and friendly working environment.

2i) I have the right to inform the Safety Officer, Producer/ Director any Crew member of any inappropriate behaviour, or if I’m unsure about anything (even the crew themselves).

2j) I have the right to be treated by all crew in a respectful and courteous manner.

2k) I have the right to not be pressured to engage in anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.

2l) I have the right to a witnessed discussion before the scene to talk about hard limits and explicit boundaries with my co-performer.

2m) I have the right to engage in a ‘dry run’ to establish which acts I can/ cannot engage in with my co-performer, identify parts of the body that we do not consent to be touched throughout the scene, to further clarify consent and shoot limits.

2n) I have the right to my co-performer understanding that sex on camera is different to sex in real life,  that fact that we are being paid to have sex, does not give anyone a right to my body in any way, nor does it make me give up my autonomy.

2o) I have the right to vocalise my boundaries/ limits and revoke consent to sexual acts throughout the scene and prior within the ‘dry run’.

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3a) I have the right to provide the Director/ Producer feedback positive or negative as per the Fair Work Act, firstly in a verbally non-threatening manner, then secondly in writing without it hindering potential future work.

3b) I have the right to a follow-up conversation with my co-performer if I was involved in a (kink/ fetish) scene that involves aftercare.

3c) I have a right to a follow-up conversation with my co-performer if I have direct feedback  for them positive or negative. This information will be kept confidential.

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4. Performer Personal Responsibilities

4a) Arrive to set on time, ready to shoot with all requested items from Director/ Producer.

4b) Being STI tested within the time frame requested by Director/ Producer.

4c) Bring current photo ID, plus STI results to set each time.

4d) Read and sign the contract/ release forms correctly and ask questions if unsure about anything.

4e) Communicate with the Director/ Producer if I have health issues, grooming issues or personal problems pertaining to the shoot.

4d) Exercising safe words and personal limits.

4e) When in-test for a planned scene, not engage in any unsafe activity that puts my co-performer at risk.

4f) Willing to be transparent about my sexual history within the testing period to my co-performer/s.

4j) Keep any personal information I discover, completely confidential.

4k) Ask questions when I am unsure about a directive or request.

4l) Assert my personal boundaries and make them clear to my co-performers, Director/ Producer and Safety Officer.

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These actions will result in the performer being asked to leave set immediately without pay.

5a) Arriving intoxicated and/ or becoming intoxicated on-set prior to completion of filming.

5b) Engaging in any sexual/ physical acts (including showering) with anyone on set, off camera at any time.

5c) Breaching consent or sexually harass, pester or coerce anyone on-set at any stage.

5d) Gossip. Discussing other members in the industry in a derogatory way. As mentioned above if you do have concerns about someone you must talk directly to the Director/ Producer prior to the shoot.




Download a PDF of the document

lightsouthern_professionalism agreement





Finally, everything is coming up Milhouse and the stars have aligned, it’s the day  (or week) before your shoot.

I like to send out a message the day before touching base with everyone to make sure everything is all set for the next day; check that everyone has their tests, the crew know their roles & call times. Note: Ideally performers would arrive after crew so they don’t have to wait around for set up.

Let’s do this in point form:

  1. The first and most important items are, release forms, payment and ID – Do all 3 at the same time BEFORE you start shooting. I’ve uploaded a 2257 form 2257_release, this is a standard form that is used industry wide, but there are variations, this is just an example. These are legal documents, and should be filled out neatly and correctly by your performers. Take time to explain the form, ESPECIALLY if the performers are new and give them the option to ask questions. Be sure to go through the forms with a fine tooth comb, mistakes are often made and you don’t want to risk the viability of your shoot because a performer hasn’t known to use their birth name on a legal document.

2.  Taking the ID Photos is another serious legal obligation. BEFORE you start shooting                you need to sight and take photos of 2 forms of CURRENT ID, this means in the                        relevant expiry dates. Valid forms of ID are, at least 1 photo ID eg. passport or drivers            licence and 1 other ID, in Australia either Medicare card or bank card. You will need                to take high res photos of the performer holding them, they’ll need to be readable                  and in focus. This keeps you out of jail, so don’t fuck it up.

– Have a good filing system on your computer and keep these, they prove that you are shooting people over 18. If you are on-selling the content, distributors will always ask you for this.

3. Now is a good time to pay your performers (given you are paying cash). Be                                 transparent – give them a chance to count it.

4. Talk your performers through the day -what is going to happen and when. * This is a            good time to check in with your performer and give them an ‘out’. It’s important that          they know they are in control of the shoot and they can pull it if they need/ want to.

5. Introduce your performers to crew: who does what. Who will be in the room for the               sex scenes and are they OK with that! Just another note on crew. On adult sets (we                 believe) it’s not cool for your mates or non-essential people to just drop by. I’ve even           heard of directors kids ‘dropping by’, I cant tell you how uncool or unethical this is.               You have a obligation to keep your performers in a safe, confidential and                                     uncompromising position.  Also, vibe man, don’t fuck with the vibe and mood of the             people that are about to fuck  on camera – for you.

6. Food. On any shoot longer than 3 hours we feed people. Obviously it’s important to              consider dietary requirements, but maybe less obvious (unless maybe you’ve been a              performer yourself) to avoid garlic, pickled onions and anything that makes for smelly          breath. Try to get food that less stodgy and heavy and will make people tired or lack              energy. Get healthy stuff that makes everyone feel el pumped. At Lightsouthern we              consider catering as important a job as directing – this is not a time to skimp or leave            it up to the runner – after a long day of shooting nothing makes cast and crew more              pissed off than a substandard lunch or dinner. Especially on full day or overnight                    shoots.

6 ITEMS – that’s it. There’s no excuse not to do it.

Making your models comfortable will go a long way in getting them back for shoot #2, as does being a good person.