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For example…




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In the lead up to the US release of Momentum, Vol.3 we will roll out a series of videos introducing you to the cast. Here we have the wonderful Chloe B. Chloe needs little intro, she has been the glue in the series, featuring in Vol. 1 & 2 as well as 3. In Vol.3 we see her use her Shibari skills in a hot threeway outdoor sex scene, as well as naked yoga!

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I know she hardly needs an introduction, but here she is anyway being her usual charming self. Chloe is the porno glue in the Momentum Series. Personally I would have shot Chloe at least 20 times, it never gets old, she has such a wonderful presence. I want to publicly thank her for all her dedication and work towards the project, it wouldn’t be what it is without her. So thanks lady x.

We should mention that if you want to see more of Chloe, she has a bunch of sexy shoots (including solo Shibari shenanigans) and hardcore couple scenes with Lucinda, Liandra and Marina all exclusively on ERSTIES!

NEXT week “Meet Madison”….

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Just teasing you currently….I was looking at the rushes last night and due to the crazy busy shoot days we had, I’d completely forgotten about a bunch  of sexy stuff we captured. Namely Laney’s peeing in the river and milk drinking scenes. We also did a beautiful naked yoga scene and a three-way Girl-Girl-Girl scene that blew my mind. Some of the best footage Ive ever shot, Ever! and I’ve been shooting sex for 10 years.

Momentum, Vol.3 stars Chloe B, Laney, Kim & Marina, it will be available on DVD through Pure Play Media and online via lightsouthern in 2015.