In 7 days, team Lightsouthern (which is Kristy our amazing photographer/ set manager and art director & myself) we will be hitting the USA to represent Lightsouthern’s Film projects and talk all new things Virtual Reality.

We would love to chat to Talent Agents, Performers and Studios about new business ventures while in LA and Vegas. Here are the dates we are available:

LA: 18 -20th
VEGAS: 21 – 26th

I will be on the chatting on a panel “Porn or Erotica? Chasing That Indie Vibe (3-4 p.m.)” on the 21st at AVN. Then the awards we go!

Unfortunately we wont be able to get to Xbiz, however Fiona Patten will be there for Lightsouthern in the event we get a win! So that’s cool cos we heart trophies.

If you want  to meet and have a chat, email lets lock in some time.

See you there!


5L5A0153Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 5.16.55 PMScreen shot 2015-03-02 at 5.03.14 PM

Just teasing you currently….I was looking at the rushes last night and due to the crazy busy shoot days we had, I’d completely forgotten about a bunch  of sexy stuff we captured. Namely Laney’s peeing in the river and milk drinking scenes. We also did a beautiful naked yoga scene and a three-way Girl-Girl-Girl scene that blew my mind. Some of the best footage Ive ever shot, Ever! and I’ve been shooting sex for 10 years.

Momentum, Vol.3 stars Chloe B, Laney, Kim & Marina, it will be available on DVD through Pure Play Media and online via lightsouthern in 2015.