In the lead up to the USA release of the final & most epic Momentum film!

We are releasing the usual ‘Meet the Cast’ videos to get you all pumped up for the main event.

Next up – Meet Lucinda!


You can find the entire film plus 45 minute behind the Scenes video and stills gallery on our CINEMA (of course the 3 prequel films too), or if you prefer old school DVD action, through Pure Play Media

I should mention that Lucinda was Australia’s first #virtualreality performer and her scene is now live exclusively on we heart Lucinda!

Recently Lightsouthern has completed some killer shoots for German legends 

 5L5A6822 5L5A3661 untitled (207 of 232)    5L5A4123

A Raw and sexy Girl Girl shoot with Marina and Rosie! Outdoor solos of Betty, Kara D, Kim, Molly, and coming soon our very first Girl Boy as a collaborative effort. Keep an eye out for all the fun shit… You’re welcome. 

You can also find these lovely ladies, plus a bunch MORE over at (Psst I can often be found also floating around that website too) . Enjoy.