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Lightsouthern and our partners Velvet Reality are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting all the latest, greatest and kick ass VR content at Sexpo, Melbourne 24 – 27 November.

What does this mean? Firstly, you have a chance to meet your fave porno babes, take a polariod & have them show you their VR scenes.  Summer Knight, Marina Lee, Mistress Jessie, Kim Cums, Lucie Bee, Lana Jade, Ryan James (plus more to be announced) will all be there in the flesh! An amazing opportunity to have all these wonderful performers all in the same place.

It also means  you have a chance to win the latest in Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear Headsets! We heart giveaways!

As well as showcasing exclusive Aussie VR “Gloss” & “Lightsouthern VR”, we are also  curating international VR scenes from BadionkVR and VixenVR.



The theme at Sexpo this year is ‘Feel the Future’. All attendees that walk through the door, conveniently receive a google cardboard headset!

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It’s the first time Lightsouthern has exhibited as a major industry event and we are going to make so good you are never going to want to leave! So come say hi and hang out.

See you soon!

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For the last few years, I’ve had many people approach me asking advice on producing their own pornographic films/ adult films/ erotica – whatever you think is cool to call it at the time is fine. I have been on lots of sets, both good and bad and heard ALL the stories. The standard practice which I took for granted as common sense,  are not as common as they should be – so many people are not doing the basics.

Who am I, and why should you take my advice?  I’m the Director of a small Adult Entertainment Company, Lightsouthern. The company, that I founded in 2011, produces beautiful and fresh content for everyone. As well as producing our own Film Projects, we have 2 brand new Virtual Reality studios, a CINEMA , Toy Store, have content spanning over numerous VOD & Subscription platforms, USA Distribution Deal, European Film licensing Deals, Film Screenings globally, and even have a few AVN & Xbiz nominations. I also started off as a performer and spent 5 years under the Abbywinters flag.

Lightsouthern are the folks in the know for all things porno.

To produce porn in Australia, there is no industry standard or official code of conduct. Budding producers don’t know where to start, and it’s easy to make mistakes and cut corners that can lead to poor practices and health risks. I really believe our industry can be as ethical as so many of us want us to be, and I’d love to see the Aussie industry get bigger and better – we need a ‘New Wave’ of Directors & Producers, so step up, make it awesome and let me help you.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share a series of posts that take you through the most important aspects of producing adult content. I’d like to demistify the process of shooting, directing and producing films. My experience is specific to Australia, but many of the same principles can be applied anywhere in the world (and I believe they should be).

Below are the topics to cover:

  • The Basics
  • Pre-Production and the importance of Full Disclosure
  • On set: Best Practise

       Next week: The Basics

In 7 days, team Lightsouthern (which is Kristy our amazing photographer/ set manager and art director & myself) we will be hitting the USA to represent Lightsouthern’s Film projects and talk all new things Virtual Reality.

We would love to chat to Talent Agents, Performers and Studios about new business ventures while in LA and Vegas. Here are the dates we are available:

LA: 18 -20th
VEGAS: 21 – 26th

I will be on the chatting on a panel “Porn or Erotica? Chasing That Indie Vibe (3-4 p.m.)” on the 21st at AVN. Then the awards we go!

Unfortunately we wont be able to get to Xbiz, however Fiona Patten will be there for Lightsouthern in the event we get a win! So that’s cool cos we heart trophies.

If you want  to meet and have a chat, email lets lock in some time.

See you there!