Say hello to Ezmerelda Snow!

Such a goddamn cutie!


We had a beautiful arfternoon together, drinking tea and ya know shooting too. She reminds me so much of ‘Jilly’, that same calm energy and soft voice, we even did some yoga in the last video. She has just freshly completed some scenes for IFM and ISM too so go check her out, shes a beauty!

Soon to be featured on ATKhairy…as well as new sets from Taliah Mac! Don’t say I don’t look after you.

Good day.

“Michelle is one of those producers who really lets the talent call the shots, and to do what comes naturally to them. Instead of working from a standard list of sex acts and positions and doing things by the numbers, Michelle encourages performers to do what feels good and feels right to them” Jincey Lumpkin,

“It’s mostly solo-girl, with great interaction between Michelle and the performers. The personality of the women really shines through, and more than watching a porn scene, you feel like you’re watching a sort of kinky confession — minus the priest and the Hail Marys afterward, of course.” Kristin Wynters, Vice President of Pink Visual.