In the lead up to the USA release of the final & most epic Momentum film!

We are releasing the usual ‘Meet the Cast’ videos to get you all pumped up for the main event.

Next up – Meet Sky!

You might remember Sky getting it on with Chloe in Momentum, Vol.1? Yeah, she’s back.

You can find the entire film plus 45 minute behind the Scenes video and stills gallery on our CINEMA (of course the 3 prequel films too), or if you prefer old school DVD action, through Pure Play Media

Oh these two…Right after an exclusive new couples shoot for a new studio. (we can’t say who just yet).

After a solid 5 days shooting with Ryan for Momentum, Vol.4 you would think I’d be sick of him. Alas I can’t get enough of the guy. If you want a bit of Ryan in your life too, you should check out his website HERE

I hadn’t shot Anne for a long time so naturally was very pleased to be hangin’ out with her again Anne’s laugh is so infectious and I love shooting her. Anne shot another hot outdoor solo for so go check it HERE